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Commercial Radio


Lakeland Radio-South Cumbria
Returned to Cumbria with Lakeland Radio and took over a failing breakfast show.I reformatted and reprogrammed it,which resulted in adding 50% to the audience-Lakeland's Breakfast with Tony James became the most successful breakfast show for the station in years. 

Classic Gold - 1431/1485 Medium Wave
30% audience increase during my time there.

Star FM - Windsor, Maidenhead, Slough
Took the weekday afternoon show to the same audience as breakfast, then devised, presented and produced "The Breakfast Club" which more than tripled the audience in just 15 months, helping Star FM move from 7% to 20% reach in one of the UK's most competitive market places.

Pirate FM - Cornwall, Plymouth and West Devon
Consistently the most successful weekday show, market leader and highest ratings.

Fox FM-Oxfordshire

The most successful of the 3 weekday shows and my Saturday morning show,the stations highest rated programme of the entire