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My Top Tunes
In no particular order, ten artists or songs that mean a lot to me.

1. The 1960's: Many of the most influential artists and songs came from the sixties - Beatles, Stones, R Dean Taylor,etc.

2. Debbie Harry / Blondie: Great songs, great look!

3. Dusty Springfield: Britain's best ever white soul voice and queen of sixties cool.

4. Steve Earle: His music has formed the soundtrack to much of my life.

5. The Sweet: Especially Blockbuster (we just haven't got a clue what to do!).

6. Tom Robinson: One of the UK's greatest singer songwriters and so under-rated.

7. ABBA: Brilliant!

8. The  Rolling Stones.How is Keith Richards still alive?

9. The current top 40: There's great stuff coming out all the time (and loads of rubbish too!)

10. Glam Rock: A great laugh and some great songs!